COLLEGE STATION, Texas— A dog took a wild ride this week, inspiring others with his amazing will to survive.

Dr. Melissa Andruzzi was working the night shift at the Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic on Wednesday when around 3:00 a.m., they received a call that was almost too hard to believe.

“A man had found this dog that was stuck in the front of his car,” explains Dr. Andruzzi.

Tanner Jasperson and his wife had been on vacation, but ended up stranded in the Gulf of Mexico on a cruise due to the inclement weather brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

When the ship docked in New Orleans, the couple got off and decided to drive a circuitous route to College Station where Tanner’s parents live to avoid the path of the storm.

Seven hours later, they were driving down Highway 21 near Madisonville, Texas when they swerved to avoid a dog in the road, but ended up hitting another one.

It was late, and dark. After some discussion, they decided there was nothing they could do and continued their trip to College Station.

An hour later, the Jaspersons arrived in Aggieland. When they got out of their car, they saw a dog wedged into the grill of the car.

The couple couldn't believe their eyes. They had driven about 55 miles with the dog stuck in the grill.

“I walked around to the front of the car, and the dog was looking at me,” recalls Tanner. “I saw the whole dog’s body, and he moved his head…and I said ‘he’s alive,’” Tanner added.

The Jaspersons then called the Small Animal Clinic at Texas A&M, but didn’t want to move the dog for fear of hurting him even more.

“Then the dog was walking in front of us. He climbed out by himself, limping a little, and then started walking normal down the street,” recalls Tanner.

College Station Police eventually caught up with the dog, and took him to the clinic at A&M.

When Dr. Andruzzi saw the picture, she couldn’t believe the dog only had minor injuries.

“He was looking pretty good. I think he realized he was finally safe and probably was so exhausted that he fell asleep on the exam table,” said Dr. Andruzzi.

The Long Way Home Adoptables rescue group in College Station took home the pup, and are now looking to find him a new home.

And, they named him Grits.

“He’s just got that grit and he had to have a lot of grit to survive that long,” said April Plemons, Director of Long Way Home Adoptables.

Grits will spend a few weeks recovering with his foster mom, then he’ll be ready for adoption.

“I think he’s such a tough cookie, and he fought through all of this. Now, he gets a second chance at a better life,” said Dr. Andruzzi.

Grits, the wonder dog who had an incredible will to survive, will finally have a home and maybe inspire some others along the way.