BRYAN, Texas - Today, several diverse people from around the area met in downtown Bryan to help stop hatred that is happening.

"No matter what goes on in the world there are places of love and we don't tolerate hate," Pam Beeler, the rally coordinator said.

Right in the heart of Bryan, they came together for an event they called "Together we rise against hate" to affirm solidarity with people of color, the LGBTQ community, and any other group who has been targeted by hate.

"I think this represents that there are more people in this community than the closed minded individuals," Al Saenz said.

The event was planned as a counter protest to a white supremacist rally on Texas A&M's campus, which was later canceled by the organizers.

With support from the community, the downtown Bryan group decided to keep their rally on as planned, especially on today's 9-11 anniversary.

"To honor those who lost their lives in one of the biggest acts of hate that this country has ever seen, this is the reason we stand against hate and we don't want anything like that to happen anywhere," Beeler said.