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Emergency responders train at Disaster City

You never know when disaster will strike and that's why emergency responders work to be ready in any situation at Disaster City.

BRYAN, Texas — When disaster strikes, communicating it in a timely manner to help people in need, matters.

Whether it’s flooding, high winds, or an active shooter, agencies and non-government organizations must be ready when disaster hits.

The Public Safety Interoperability Institute met at Disaster City, a training facility with exercises to help them prepare for disasters. Exercises such as active shooter situations. 

Strengthened communication testing, Training manager Clint Arnett at Texas A&M's engineering extension service said this is the goal of the training.

They tested several communication devices to help better communicate with emergency responders in a disaster situation.

“Testing data networks and devices and systems that might be used for emergency response in the future and to augment current emergency response capabilities," Arnett said. "So we have a variety of systems here including drones, unmanned aerial systems, we have some handheld smart devices that responders can use, we have a communication network.”

Organizations like the American Red Cross partner with these agencies to assist them in disasters. Executive Director AJ Renold explained that the focus of the training was about connectivity and operating as a unit.

“So as the organization that steps in right after the storm, we are dependent also on connectivity and interoperability because we gather information,” Renold said.

She said their job is to take care of people in times of chaos and make sure they are communicating effectively and efficiently.

The week-long training comes to an end with teaching responders how to handle hurricanes.

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