Rayven Shields’ family was afraid for her well-being when the three-year-old was given to her mother, Virginia Adams, in June of this year, according to interviews with family members.

The little girl spent most of her life with her aunt, Rubbie Young, and father, Robert Shields, according to family. Robert Shields passed away in June of this year, leaving Rayven’s legal guardianship in question.


In an exclusive interview, Young told KAGS that Robert feared leaving Rayven with her biological mother and made it his dying wish to have Rayven raised by Young.

“He said [Rubbie] you get my baby and you keep my baby,” Young said.

Before the death of her father in June, Rayven did not have a relationship with her her biological mother and did not recognize Adams when she came to take custody of Rayven on June 10th, 2018, according to Young.


Adams returned the following day, June 11th, with an unnamed Bryan Police Officer, who removed Rayven from Young and returned her to her mother’s custody.

“I told that officer, you takin’ that baby and ‘bout to put her in the hands of the Devil,” said Young. “That’s exactly what he did.”

Rayven was last seen in mid-June. Family members tell KAGS the last time they saw her alive was June 16th.

“I bet you any kind of money [Rayven] told them ‘take me to my auntie’s, take me to my auntie’s,” Young tearfully added. “That’s all she knew.”

Bryan PD said they traditionally assist with returning custody to legal family members, and only involve Child Protective Services if family members refuse to give up custody of the child.


Adams is currently in police custody for lying to investigators about Rayven’s whereabouts and hiding her daughter’s location from CPS. Police discovered the body of a child behind Virginia Adams’ house but have yet to identify it as Rayven.

“She killed that baby,” Young told KAGS. “That baby is dead, because of them.”