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Exosent Engineering is expanding in Brazos County

Exosent Engineering is a designer/manufacturer of industry-leading trailers and cargo tanks that transport liquid petroleum gas.

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — Exosent Engineering, the designer and manufacturer of industry-leading cargo tanks, is expanding its Brazos County-based operations at a new location with a larger facility.

This summer, the company will move from its current 19,000 square foot *leased* facility to a 73,000 square foot building in south Brazos County.

“We will be able to provide more services to our customers and expand here in the local area. We will be able to hire more people and grow organically here locally,” President and Co-founder UV Doron said.

Doron said Exosent is a one-stop-shop.

They start with raw steel then weld each piece to create pressurized cargo tanks carrying lethal substances.

“Exosent took the standard pressure vessel and made it safer about 30%, reducing the chances for these vessels to roll over,” Doron said.

President/CEO of the Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation (BVEDC) Matt Prochaska says this is a huge story for our community.

“This is such a critical gap in terms of workforce and yet it’s an important portion of our overall economy and local economy for our futures to stay in growth,” Prochaska said.

Prochaska said they are seeing growth in sustainable industries that will allow our economy to thrive going forward and he is very excited for the future.

“We’re really thankful for the partnership with the university, the two cities, the county and our private investors because they’re the ones who understand how important job creation is for our local economy,” Prochaska said.

Doron said he thinks keeping the company in Brazos County is the right thing to do because they want to see the area grow organically and adds he thinks Exosent will help do just that.