NAVASOTA, Texas - Investigators are still trying to find out why a Navasota man was killed in his own home.

63 year-old Pankie Freeman was found dead yesterday morning. Shortly after, 35 year-old Romeka Conley confessed to his murder, and was taken to jail.

Tuesday, Freeman's family was at his house to begin cleaning out his things, and remembering the man they loved.

"Hes a unique character and I love him so much, that about a year ago I did a play and one of the characters were based on him, that's how much he meant to me and how important he was to me," Marcus Freeman, his nephew said.

The family will have to wait on until Pankie's autopsy is finished to continue with arrangements. However, this family is trying to stay in high spirits.

"The bible says theres no more suffering or pain so he has no more pain, so he awaits beautiful paradise and we cant wait to reunite as a happy family," Oscar Freeman, his older brother said.

This investigation is still open.