BRYAN, Texas - Carlos De Jesus Mar, to his friends Cui Cui and to his family Carlachin. A son, a brother and a father taken away at the young age of 30.

“When I received the call, even now it feels like a dream from which I cannot wake,” said Elizabeth Rivera Gonzalez mother of the victim.

It’s a call no parent ever wants to receive.

"It's very difficult, it's something that even after hours and hours of trying, I still can’t understand believe or accept,” said Carlos Mar Reyes father of the victim.

Especially tough for Rivera’s younger brother Angel Rivera. One of the first to the crime scene and the family member who was responsible for identifying Mar’s body.

“It was the worst moment of my life, the moment you first hear the news, you can’t believe it, but you know it's happening and you're in shock,” said Angel.

For his youngest brother Hector Mar Rivera, Mar was always someone he could look to for encouragement and advice and says he remembers the last conversation they had.

“I remember the last words he told me. He said brother take care, I will be here for you, for whatever you want just call me,” said Hector.

But it’s a call he will no longer be able to make after the tragic murder of his oldest brother. Shot and killed in the early morning hours of September 14.

For his parents, they say burying their child is something they never imagined they would have to do.

“It's very painful, I never imagined I would feel this much pain in my life. I never could have prepared for this but my heart really hurts right now,” said Gonzalez.

The wake will be the first time most of the family will be reunited with Carlos since hearing the news, and say all they hope that Mar will be remembered as a kind, loving and selfless person.

“He has a very big heart he always tried to help others. It didn't matter to him what kind of person they were he always extended help from his heart, and he did it without ever expecting anything in return,” said Marijose Mar sister-in-law of the victim.

As for now the Mar Rivera family say they will continue the process to healing and continue to living for Carlos and his two girls.