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Retailers urge customers to shop early due to firework shortage

The short supply is creating larger price tags for products.

TEXAS, USA — Fireworks are the most anticipated sight on the Fourth of July. 

What is usually the busiest time of the year for shop owners might be a little slower during this year's holiday season. 

"If we had enough fireworks then I think it'd be the best fireworks season we've ever had in the history of Texas, but there's not enough fireworks to go around," said owner of American Fireworks Chester Davis.

Davis has around 200 stands, 14 stores and two warehouses in Texas, so he knows the firework industry pretty well. But, in his 50 years of doing it, he's never seen anything like this.

"We're getting fireworks that were ordered over a year and a half ago so we're getting 2020 Christmas sales selling season fireworks that we didn't get last Christmas so, that's what we're getting now, we're not even into getting the things that we need for the Fourth of July," he explained.

Across the country, fireworks are in short supply with many factors that are keeping the product from coming. One of the biggest: the lag in global shipping with no signs of turning around.

Not only is the supply troublesome this year, the products will also have a larger price tag on them.

"When you just look at the rise or raise in insurance prices and then you look at almost the triple the transportation cost, there is an increase, no question about it," said Davis.

Businesses are expecting to get 50% or less of their standard inventory, calling customers to not hesitate and buy early.

Texas' retail fireworks selling season begins June 24 and ends at midnight on July 4.

"The things that you might be looking for that you would like to have, they're going to be available in the beginning may not be available at the end," Davis added.

Davis expects fireworks to be in short supply for at least another year or maybe longer.