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College Station Macy's employee charged after being accused of giving away merchandise

The employee is being accused of giving her boyfriend and his sister items seven different times.
Top to bottom: Maryjose Ramirez, 20, Hector Serna, Jr., 20, and Kerna Serna, 24, all of College Station, are being accused of stealing from the College Station Macy's store.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Three people have been charged after a Macy's employee turned in her co-worker and claimed they had been stealing from the store.

Maryjose Ramirez, 20, Hector Serna Jr., 20 and Kenia Serna, 24, all of College Station, are charged with theft of property.  Ramirez, who worked for Macy's as a cashier, is being accused of using her position to help the Sernas steal from the department store.

Ramirez admitted to investigators she had helped steal merchandise seven different times, according to court documents.  She said Hector, who she identified as her boyfriend, was involved on five of those occasions and his sister, Kenia, on two occasions.

Ramirez said she would have the Sernas come into the store and take items off the sales floor, according to court documents.  The Sernas would bring the items to Ramirez, who was working as a cashier, and she would scan the merchandise but then delete many of the items, police said.  The Sernas would then leave the store only paying for a few items, court documents stated.

Despite police saying Ramirez admitted to stealing on seven different occasions, store surveillance video was only able to capture two times, one with Hector and one with his sister, Kenia.

The videos show Hector taking 13 items to Ramirez's cash register and while 13 items were scanned, the computer shows 11 items were deleted and Hector paid $10.79, court documents stated.  Investigators said the video shows Hector leaving with all 13 items worth $328.76.

The videos show Kenia taking 27 items to Ramirez's cash register and while 27 items were scanned, the computer shows 24 items were deleted and Kenia used her Macy's card to pay $9.00, court documents stated.  Investigators said the video shows Kenia left with all 27 items worth $322.66.

Because only two of the videos were able to be tracked down, and court documents stating Ramirez admitted to stealing seven different times, it is not known the total amount in merchandise that was taken from the store.

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