The Seahawks are just days away from their week 8 match-up against the New Orleans Saints. But as they get ready to take the practice field today, one of their biggest fans is getting excited for Sunday.

Though Hoben Calabes is only four-years-old and three feet tall, his knowledge of football is more impressive than people of any age. Cabales can name every single player on the Seahawks roster.

“Pretty much like last year he got into it and now he just knows the whole roster for some reason,” Hoben’s mom Grace Cabales said. “You can name the whole roster from number 2 to number 99 and he’ll know who they are. Even the new additions.”

Grace said during the games he will ask about the specifics of every single player he sees on the screen and he will also study the team’s program.

Hoben’s Aunt Pattie recently posted a YouTube video where her nephew is able to identify every player on the team.

“He’ll recognize folks even without their jersey on too so he’ll see their pictures without their jersey, without their number, so nothing to really identify them, and he’ll tell you who they are,” Pattie said. “We’ll be watching a game, whether it’s a Mariners game, or a Seahawks game, and he’ll ask who it is and I’ll say, ‘Oh it’s George’. If it’s not George I’m in trouble.”

“A lot of people don’t believe that he knows the whole roster so they’ll try to test him, and randomly give him a number and he’ll gladly tell you who it is,” Grace said with a smile.

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