COLLEGE STATION, Texas— They lost everything when Hurricane Harvey tore through the Texas Gulf Coast.

Scott and Kim Venable tried to ride out the storm when it hit the Bevil Oaks community outside of Beaumont.

However, the couple realized they quickly needed to get out.

Although the Venables were able to evacuate with their dogs, they couldn’t take their horses on the rescue boat, and emergency crews wouldn’t let them back in after they left.

“The day we had to leave them, we were told we couldn’t go back,” said Scott Venable.

“I just knew they were gonna die,” he added.

The couple pleaded with emergency responders for days until finally someone was able to get in and save the horses.

That is— all but one of them.

“Peanut was too sick. He wouldn’t come out on his own,” said Kim Venable.

The 14 year-old horse had survived for days in rising flood waters, and he was in bad shape.

Finally, rescuers were able to get the scared animal to higher ground.

Scott Venable took the horse to a veterinarian in the area.

“When he saw that Peanut suffered a near drowning experience, he said ‘he’s got to go to A&M,’” said Scott Venable.

So, Peanut traveled to College Station where he received the medical care he needed at the Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital, a part of the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

“We have a state of the art facility and the capability of treating lots of animals,” said Dr. Michelle Coleman, Assistant Professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine at Texas A&M.

“The weekend that Peanut came, we also had 50 other horses that were rescued from the hurricane, and we were able to accommodate all of those horses,” she added.

On Tuesday, almost a month later, Peanut was finally reunited with his family at Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital.

“They’ve taken such good care of him,” said Kim Venable.

The Venables will take Peanut back home where they, along with their resilient horse, will be starring in a reality TV show called Texas Flip ’N’ Move airing on the DIY Network.

The hosts, Casey Hester and Catrina Kidd, have donated their time, efforts, and materials to rebuild the Venable’s home.

“Instead of just focusing on the house, we get to focus on the family and making their dreams, their realities and what they want come true,” said Kidd.

While the Venables work to put their lives back together, they’re thankful for the care Peanut received at Texas A&M and all the others that risked their lives to help them.

“My wife and I have never been on the receiving end of gifts. We always give to people and try to help,” said Scott Venable.

“The blessings we’ve had, are just beyond words,” he added.

Texas Flip 'N' More will premiere on Oct. 6 on the DIY Network.