COLLEGE STATION, Texas—Harley Davidson has been under fire from the White House.

This week, after announcing they’ll be closing a manufacturing facility and moving it overseas, President Trump tweeted his disapproval and said it may cost the motorcycle company their loyal customers.

However, the owner of The Ranch Harley Davidson in College Station, said be careful what you believe.

“It’s heartbreaking that there’s so much misinformation,” said Susan Gipson, owner of The Ranch Harley Davidson.

She said people just assume the worst instead of trying to find the truth.

The iconic motorcycle brand announced this week they’re be moving a manufacturing facility to Europe, their second largest market which will cut costs to avoid the 25 percent increase in European tariffs.

But, according to Gipson, the move won’t affect American production or business.

“No motorcycles would ever be manufactured somewhere else and shipped back to this country,” said Gipson.

Rumors also circulating this week that Harley Davidson has plans to close a facility in Kansas City and move that manufacturing facility overseas.

Gipson said that’s not quite the truth.

“Kansas City has been in the making to be closed for five years. We have Harley Davidson Motor Company facilities in Kansas City and York, both of them operating at half production,” said Gipson.

“So, they made a business decision five years ago to combine those two facilities,” she added.

Gipson said another rumor that Harley Davidson would be opening other overseas facilities isn’t true.

She said they have a process in place they’ve used for years. Bikes are sent in pieces and then reassembled in places all over the world.

A procedure that cuts costs for the company and customers, but not cutting American jobs.

Harvey Wise who has worked with Harley dealerships for the past few years, agrees.

“We’re still going to be building our motorcycles here. And, that’s what we want- American made motorcycles made here in our country,” said Wise.

And while the company continues to be caught in the international trade war, all those devoted fans will remain true to the iconic American brand.

“Once you buy a Harley, you’re part of the family, and that’s it,” said Mike Fisher, a longtime Harvey enthusiast.