COLLEGE STATION, Texas-- Evacuees from across Texas have flocked to the Brazos Valley, leaving areas that were in Harvey's path, many of which are still experiencing massive flooding.

Even though they're safe, some are having difficulty making due, while they wait to be allowed to return home.

"I do feel stuck," said Daniel Young, an evacuee from Bay City whose currently living in a College Station hotel.

Bay City was already experiencing widespread flooding from Harvey, when earlier this week, the Colorado River left its banks and added an additional 10 inches of flooding to the area's downtown.

"I was raised in that community. That's everybody I know," said Young. "It will be hard to start over somewhere else."

Young and his family are waiting on the 'all-clear' to return home. In the meantime, they say money is running out to the point where the family, including adults and children, are surviving on one meal a day.

On top of those concerns, Young and his family are facing what they feel are rising rates from College Station hotels.

Young was staying in the College Station Econo Lodge and said his rates kept fluctuating day-by-day. The family can't afford to put up the money to book an extended stay.

The Econo Lodge told KAGS that rates do fluctuate based on occupancy, but they're willing to accommodate any guest that is having difficultly paying, due to Hurricane Harvey.

"Guests who had to stay over, [for] those guests, we left the rate the same. I have not increased the price or anything this week," said Mike Hussein, manager of the Econo Lodge.

Young and his family claim that is misleading. They've since left the Econo Lodge for a different hotel, but say they would rather be home to survey what's left and start rebuilding.

"I'm praying I can wake up tomorrow and this all be over," said Young