BRYAN, Texas— Her name is Lucky and her owner is heartbroken.

Joe Chastian’s dog disappeared from his home at the Jones Road RV Park last Friday.

A KAGS viewer took to Facebook to ask for help in finding the dog and said Lucky is all that Chastian has and hopes that someone will know where she is.

"My heart is broken. I can't hardly sleep,” said Chastian.

Chastian rescued Lucky seven years ago after she was attacked as a puppy and he nursed her back to health.

Since then, she’s been his constant companion and said Lucky never leaves the RV park grounds.

Chastian hopes someone will see her picture and bring Lucky home in time for Christmas.

“If she doesn’t come home, my Christmas is totally ruined,” said Chastian.

“I love my baby very much, just please bring her home,” he added.

Janna Thornbrough and her husband own the RV park, and have helped Chastian search the area.

They’ve also contacted local animal shelters and posted on Facebook pages.

Unfortunately, Lucky is still not home.

Chastian said Lucky has brownish red hair with white “socks” on her feet, and she’s about 25 pounds.

If you’ve seen Lucky, or know where she might be, send us a note our on our Facebook page or email us at