HEARNE, Texas - Frustrated with his town's city council, Hearne's interim city manager took to social media to share his concerns with the public.

The list of concerns includes verbal abuse and wasted tax dollars.

John Naron is hoping to get the attention of tax payers from his Facebook post from Tuesday.

"All I can say is wow.... I have never seen two people more determined to ruin our city. Please remember this when you vote," said Naron in his post.

That portion of his post was in reference to two councilmembers.

In addition to verbal abuse, a big thing Naron points out in his post is his frustration with the payment of the councilmembers.

He says each councilmember is paid $100 for each meeting they attend. He feels this is too much money because work isn't getting done.

Through an open records request, information obtained exclusively by KAGS News shows payment records for the councilmembers over the past few months.

Naron says council is only supposed to have two regular meetings per month. This would result in $200 for each member that attends both.

However, some council members brought in way more than that.

According to the records, Shirley Harris and Roderick Jackson each received $1,000 for meetings in July and August. The cost was listed for "city council meetings."

Naron says this is abuse of tax dollars because the past eight meetings have not been productive or resulted in passing a budget.

Comments on Naron's Facebook post also show frustrations from residents.

"Council members in a town the size of Hearne should not get paid at all," said Shannon Scasta.

"Citizens of Hearne wake up," said Yolanda Salazar. "It's not a game it's our city!!!!!!"

The City of College Station says its councilmembers do not get paid. We also reached out to members of the Bryan council but didn't hear back.