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During heat waves, local food trucks are experiencing difficulties

Food trucks in the area share how they are taking extra measures to preserve their food and businesses.

BRYAN, Texas — Food trucks in Bryan and College Station have been experiencing a heat wave that has adversely affected their operations.

Food trucks such as 'What's Tha Deal' and 'M&M Food & Catering' explained how the heat wave has affected their hours and income.

 A husband and wife team, Jackie and BJ Bradford own 'What's Tha Deal' barbeque.

BJ Bradford, who grills the food, stated that the temperature doubles when you are cooking. "Whatever the temperature is out here, you can double it back there." said BJ Bradford.

Although they were prepared for the Texas heat, they were not prepared for the hottest summer, said weather experts.

We have been in business for four years, but this has been the hottest summer I have ever experienced. I do not recall a summer like this in my life," said Jackie Bradford. 

We have been keeping ice and water coolers, we kind of redone our hours or sometimes we may go ahead and close at 3 or we may have to close at 5 due to the heat." said Jackie Bradford.

Despite the heat wave, What's Tha Deal isn't the only food truck still operating. Carol Moore, owner of M&M Food & Catering, described the summer as unbearable and said they have lost business opportunities. 

"Many food trucks like M&M, rely on working at community-held events but the dry heat forces people not to even show up", Moore said.

"We had a gig at the brewery in Navasota and he called like hey I'm not gonna waste you all's time and come out here, due to this heat we're not seeing the customers", said Moore. 

Moore explained that next summer they will be exploring alternative options, perhaps following the example of some other food trucks that have opted not to open for business.

"This won't happen next year, we're gonna have an alternative, believe me." said Moore.

Despite this heat wave, What's Tha Deal will remain open for business.

"I know like we're hot but a lot of people, I'm happy that we can be here because a lot of people don't wanna go home and turn on their stove," said Jackie Bradford.

Ultimately, serving the Brazos Community is what matters most to her.

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