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'He’s my best friend' | Bonham Elementary third-grader raising money for school custodian

After finding out the school custodian was having health issues and needed surgery, a Bonham Elementary School student wanted to help anyway he could.

BRYAN, Texas — Joshua Lawrence and Robert Ramirez, or known as Mr. Robert around Bonham Elementary School, have a special bond.

"I remember he came by and said, ‘Hey, what’s your name?’ And then he said, ‘What’s up?’ Then he kept on doing that and we just became friends,” said Lawrence.

Joshua and Mr. Robert would hang out and see each other every day at school.

“(Joshua) is a good friend of mine, I’ve known him since Pre-K," said Mr. Robert.

Right before winter break, Joshua noticed that Mr. Robert was not at school. Mr. Robert had a set back in his health. He needed heart surgery and could not continue working for the time being. 

“I was like, ‘Whoa, why?’ and I was scared and sad. I just wanted to figure out what I could do and what was wrong with him," said Lawrence.

Joshua watched a video about selflessness soon after. That was when he knew needed to do something for his friend.

He saved up his money to buy pencils and erasers to sell them at school for 25 cents in hopes of donating the proceeds to Mr. Robert.

Eventually, it grew to other students getting involved and being able to sell treats, like muffins and coffee, before school and during lunch.

“Pride, lots of pride. It's just heartwarming to be able to see the simple idea that he came up with coming into fruition," said Bonham Elementary School Principal Gloria Garcia- Rhodes.

Joshua and his school started the sales after winter break and have been able to raise $650.

“It feels really good inside and warm. I know Jesus is proud of me," said Lawrence.

Mr. Robert is usually the one taking care of the students and teachers at school.

"Now they’re taking care of me, ain’t that something? I couldn’t believe it, I never had this done for me. I’d just like to thank everybody," said Mr. Robert.

He can't wait to get healthy enough to get back to school and be with his friend again. 

Since the sales started, the community got word of what Joshua was doing and started donating money and items like pencils and erasers. If you would like to donate, head over to Bonham Elementary and stop by the front office where there is a donation box. Checks can be made out to Robert Ramirez.


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