BRYAN, Texas — The cold, wet days are just ahead of us. As we brace for these chillier months, we also need to take into account safety especially on the roads.

 "The number one contributing factor to road accidents in the state of Texas is speed," said Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper, Jimmy Morgan.

Texas DPS said if it is wet outside you need to slow down. How fast it takes a car to stop, especially on wet or icy roads, depends on the size and weight of your vehicle.

"If you have that light car, you will hydroplane very quickly," Morgan said.

DPS also wants drivers to put a larger distance between you and the car in front of you.

"Just in case somebody loses control, now you a have a little more reaction time to prevent from being involved in an accident," Morgan said.

Rain mixed with cold temperatures is going to create ice.

"Typically the number one thing that will freeze on your roadways will be your bridges," Morgan said.

DPS said if you come across a bridge, let up on the gas early and cruise across.

"That's where most people tend to lose control is on the bridges," Morgan said.

Most importantly, keep your head up and your phones down.  Do not drive distracted.

"These things are important especially during the holidays when we continue to have more and more people out on our highways," Morgan said.


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