NAVASOTA, Texas — It is safe to say that many of the athletic facilities in Navasota ISD have been put to good use.

From gyms at Navasota High School and Navasota Junior High School to Rattler Stadium- the district said the complexes require dire attention.

The passed bond from 2017 did not include much on athletics. To pay for updates to the athletic facilities, the district applied for a maintenance tax note.

"It's a short term, 10-year loan with a very low-interest rate," said Dr. Stu Musick, the superintendent of schools for Navasota ISD. "It doesn't affect the taxpayers, tax payments or tax dollars at all."

There are four gyms in the district that need renovation. The two at Navasota High School and the main gym at Navasota Junior High School will get new wood floors. Some of the gyms need new flooring because they are rubber surfaces, which makes things slippery.

The competition gym at the high school needs replacing because it dealt with water intrusion problems.

"Water had gone in from the hallways areas and into the gym, up underneath the floor," Musick said. "We had some buckling (on) that gym floor and that is our main gym and competition gym."

After having to replace flooring a few times and addressing the water leak, the school is ready to do a complete replacement.

"Each of those competition floors, the two at the high school and the eighth-grade gym, will all have a unique look and style," Musick said.

The high school competition gym is not the only complex that has seen better days.

Rattler Stadium too needs a few renovations to its complex.

The stadium was built in 2006. The school district said that the turf's life expectancy is around 10 years, so the field needs replacing.

The district is looking to also replace the stadium's track, which the district has not been able to host a meet on for several years.

"A lot of that track has been worn away and washed away from drainage problems that are being addressed," Musick said.

Drainage problems affected the baseball and softball fields. The district said addressing the drainage problems will solve a lot of problems and help move renovations forward.

After having to tear down the four older tennis courts, the school district is looking to add eight courts.

"Be able to host things like a district tournament, or three/four-team tournaments throughout the season," Musick said.

The school district said these courts would open to the public for recreational use.

However, that is not the only thing the community will benefit from these athletic complex renovations.

"I love hosting events, I love having things on our campuses and in our districts, but you want to make sure you can have good and quality facilities," Musick said.

The district is hoping the renovations will bring more tournaments and meets to Navasota. Which, the district also hopes, will bring more people and money to local businesses.

"They've got to go out and eat in between games, or meals before they hit the road on the way home," Musick said.

Navasota ISD Board members approved recommendations for the gym floors and a new scoreboard at Rattler Stadium at a board meeting Tuesday night.


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