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College Station educators work together to fight classroom supply shortages, inflation

Teachers and parents struggle to find school supplies, but an educator attributes that to inflation.

BRYAN, Texas — A Bryan-College Station teacher expressed difficulty in affording classroom supplies for her students.  

 Lori Thornton, a mathematics teacher at Rudder High School, believes inflation is the primary cause of school supply prices. For the past eight years, she has been teaching at Rudder High School under the College Station Independent School District.

"Teachers and parents are always look for deals, but everything is high", said Thornton.

Thornton noted as the school year approaches, residents and teachers are working together.

"Teachers are always looking for a sale, we are hoarders by nature. There's a good chance we'll see more students who are not gonna bring as many school supplies as they do normally," said Thornton.

 Thornton said teachers and community members pitch in, share and post deals on school supplies in teacher support groups.

According to Thornton, teachers are sharing their Amazon wish lists and their target wish lists more often.

In College Station, resident Bri Jones has added support by providing residents with the opportunity to select school supplies from packages that she shops for. According to her, this new idea will relieve parents of the burden and stress associated with shopping. .

"I can buy it online and buy it in bulk and then I can sell it to them cheaper. Like I'm literally making nothing out of this I'm just trying to do something helpful for the community," said Jones.

The packages offered by Jones range between $50 and $200 and are suitable for students of all grades. Jones, who is a parent to six children, noted it can be a  burden parents are experiencing. 

Jones said she knows several parents who cannot afford a load of supplies, which is why she wants to give back.

Jones noted  that she aims to raise awareness about the personal back-to-school supply shop.

Jones and Thornton stated that inflation may raise prices, but the level of community assistance will never decrease as Texas teachers congregate before the start of the school year.

"Lend a helping hand to your friend or neighbor because so many people are struggling whether you know it or not," said Jones.

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