BRYAN, Texas —

After nearly 40 years of being a broadcast meteorologist, Chief Meteorologist Bob French has announced his decision to retire later this year. 

Bob has enjoyed serving the Bryan/College Station community for nearly 30 years, and as tough as this decision was, he feels it is time for him to spend more time with his family and use his time to pursue other interests.

“I love my job, and I love this community.  Above all, I appreciate each and every viewer over the years.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.” -Bob

Bob has had an astounding career in broadcasting, and Bryan/College Station is losing a great asset to our community, but; we are grateful for the many wonderful years Bob graced our television screens keeping our families safe.

As a final thought, Bob recalls General Douglas McArthur’s quote “Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away.” “But I'll say this:  ‘Old weathermen don't fade away, they just wane.’”