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A Texas veteran-ran company is celebrating Veterans Day by doing business as usual

While many are using Veterans Day to honor those who have served, one security-based, veteran-ran company is celebrating by doing business as usual.

TEXAS, USA — As the Brazos Valley community highlights veterans throughout the area, a veteran-owned security business based in Austin, Texas is celebrating by operating as usual.

Hyperion services is a veteran-ran company that focuses on high threat-security service and hostage rescue operations.

Susan Cho, Director of Intelligence at Hyperion, graduated from West Point in 2003, and wanted to maximize the skillsets she learned while in combat such as hostage rescue situations. In lieu of the Veterans Day, she is thrilled that her team is filled with veterans.

The Austin-based company has skilled agents, who are veterans like Cho, located everywhere in the country. Resources allow them to have an extensive network of former U.S. SOOF operators, cyber professionals, and foreign military liaisons, along with foreign and diplomatic contacts around the world.

"Really it's the combat veterans that are coming out of the wars that are really top-of-the-line guys that are doing this work. And it does provide them a lot of meaning especially something like a hostage situation, it really is rewarding to be on the tail end of that," said Choi.

KAGS sends its thanks to all the veteran employees at Hyperion Services and veterans across the country.

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