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Killeen man searching for dog-sized lizard on the loose

Owner Alejandro Sosa said his pet, Achilles, has been missing for about a week.

KILLEEN, Texas — If you see a large lizard about the size of a dog roaming the streets of Killeen, don't worry. Chances are, it's Alejandro Sosa's missing pet.

Sosa posted to the "What's happening in Killeen/Fort Hood, TX" group on Sept. 19 where he said he was looking for his pet, Achilles, which is an Argentinian tegu.

In his post, he shared photos of the lizard, as well as a photo of him with his beloved friend.

"Whoever has him, plz [please] lmk [let me know]," he wrote. "I been looking for him."

Sosa also said in a comment he was last seen around Fort Street and North Elms Road.

Sosa told 6 News Achilles is about 3 years old and has been missing for a week. He learned that he was missing when his friend went to his home to check in on his dogs and Achilles. Sosa said his friend couldn't find him, even in the spots Achilles loves to hide.

"I figured he got outside," Sosa said.

Sosa added that he only had Achilles for a week.

"He's scared of everyone," Sosa wrote in a comment on Facebook. "He would look at you and run away. They are very shy animals."

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Credit: Alejandro Sosa
Alejandro Sosa, a Killeen resident, shared on Facebook that he is missing his pet tegu.

Argentine tegus are usually black and white lizards and are about the size of a smaller dog; males, like Sosa's, can measure up to 4.5 feet long while females are smaller, according to the Authentic Texan. They are usually docile, but can be aggressive if they feel threatened, the Authentic Texan wrote.

They are also an invasive species to Texas. They were first brought to the United States as an exotic pet, but throughout the years, owners either lost or released the lizards into the wild, according to texasinvasives.org

Currently, they are found in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana and Alabama.

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