Kirbyville residents are scrutinizing Superintendent Tommy Wallis for the way he handled a personnel matter right before the high school principal took his own life.

The Kirbyville police department released new information on Tuesday about the events that unfolded before Principal Dennis Reeves’ death.

Kelsey Kemp said she is not happy after learning new information from the press release about Reeves’ resignation. She said she wants Superintendent Tommy Wallis to resign.

"Trust is a big issue right now because these are our people, we are supposed to turn to when we have problems," said Kemp.

Kemp said it’s unusual that Wallis brought up Reeves’ affair with his former secretary which police said ended a long time ago.

"It's in the past, the situation was already handled and you know it isn't right when they bring it up it's over you know," said Kemp.

Kemp is also questioning why the superintendent called the school board president before calling the police once he noticed Reeves’ car sitting in the parking lot for a long time.

She also wants to know why Wallis was not concerned with Reeves’ state of mind after he resigned. According to the Kirbyville Police Department press release, Reeves told Wallis he was not doing well.

"Anybody that says hey you now I’m not right should, especially coming from school board and school at the school should be attended to immediately"

12news reached out to Wallis, he said being scrutinized by the public is part of being Superintendent. He added it’s also time for the community to let go and heal along with the Reeves family.

“It’s time for our community to heal it’s time to let it go and move on,” said Wallis. “The Reeves family needs to heal, our community needs to heal and let it get put to rest to grieve and move forward.”

He also said two jobs are posted for the principal and assistant principal position at the High School.

“We have to move on we have kids in a school we have to take care of,” said Wallis.