COLLEGE STATION, Texas - On Wednesday, TxDot held a live demonstration and ride along to show the connected vehicle wrong-way driving applications being developed.

TDot teamed up with The Texas A&M Transportation Institute to develop the best research for this new application that will be in vehicles.

One app that helps detect cars going the wrong way on roads, and notifies traffic management agencies and law enforcement about them.

Some members of the public got a sneak peak at the new technology and saw exactly how it works.

"As we move into the future, we are going to have cars that can talk with infrastructure, and we want to use these technologies to ensure the safety on our road ways and how we are going to do that is warn people about wrong way events," Melisa Finley with TTI said.

Phase 1 is complete and now they are moving on to Phase II which is where the research team is developing a proof of concept wrong way driving detection.

The purpose of the test is to provide an off roadway location on a closed course facility. No word yet on when the app will be available.