COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS - Everyone has a favorite holiday candy whether it’s sweet, salty, chewy or Chocolate. At Truman Chocolates Mitch Siegert has been serving up sweet treats in College Station for the past decade.

“I think the fact that the chocolates are colorful and they’re a little bit different than everywhere else, and the flavor is really intense is what sets us apart.

It wasn’t what Mitch had initially planned when he ventured off to culinary school.

“I just got another degree in baking and pastry so that I could do breads and desserts for when I open up my own restaurant,” said Siegert.

But ten years later and he’s still serving up dozens of flavorful treats, for both kids and kids at heart.

“We don’t have ice creams, or whole lot of stuff that goes into a pastry shop we just make chocolates,” said Siegert.

Whether it working with the greats like Bobbly Flay and Emeril Lagasse. Or along side his assistants, Mitch says no two days are the same and that’s the beauty of working in the candy making business.

“It’s just me and I’m learning one mistake at a time. So when I do mess up I try to work that I into something to be productive on the other end of it,” said Siegert.