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"We're in this together," Local clothing store is pitching in to help with baby formula shortage

The Brazos Valley community is pitching in to help mothers struggling during the baby formula shortage.

BRYAN, Texas — The nationwide baby formula shortage has been nothing short of calamity for mothers struggling to feed their babies.

It’s probably one of the worse shortages in the midst of several, which is even harder for new mothers like Myra Thatcher who just had her first baby. 

"He was a preemie baby born at 28 weeks. And we’re on special Nutramigen or InfaCare and we haven't found any in stores, we’ve traveled to Austin yesterday to look, there was nothing.” Thatcher stated.  

Luckily, several people in the Brazos Valley have been donating to the local children’s store, Kid to Kid in Bryan.

"Yesterday we received three cases of one kind and then about seven cases of another kind, we have distributed all of those as of this morning and currently are running very low," store manager, Sara O'Bannon said.

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Credit: Kid To Kid's Facebook page

O'Bannon, a mother herself, understands the trials mothers across the nation are facing. She explained how many mothers have come in relieved that the store has had cans available.

“To see that weight lifted off their shoulders. We’ve had mothers come in and tell us, oh we just opened our last can or I have enough for three bottles,” she said.

Despite, Kid to Kid not having Thatcher’s specific formula she was able to get some from her doctor and through support groups. A recommendation to other mothers, following groups like baby feeding support on Facebook.

“Reach out to other moms, reach out on Facebook, on social media reach out to your doctors specifically. We’ve gotten a few samples from them when we’ve been in a short,” Thatcher said.

O'bannon said no mother will be left behind in this shortage.

“Hang in there, we know what’s going on and we’re gonna work to fix it, and we’re gonna stand together to help you until we get to that point,” O'Bannon said

To join the baby helping train at Kid to Kid, reach out to them on Facebook.

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