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Local home remodeling firm designing greener buildings for a healthier and happier future

Hugh Stearns wants his company to create a relationship between residents and nature.

BRYAN, Texas — It's 2019 and people are continuously looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly.

Helping the community become greener is exactly what Stearns Design Build focuses on through green building.

"Green building is a complex of things. For most people it has to do with sustainability using recycled materials, using materials that have low carbon impact. But it also includes things like health of a home and being very mindful of creating a space that fits into space," said Stearns Design Build Owner Hugh Stearns.

His company wants to create a relationship between residents and nature.

"If we can create a connection to nature from a green perspective, it helps us become more mindful as consumers. It goes to show what we're consuming and how we're reacting and relating to the environment. We also know this is a great way to create health and happiness in the home," said Stearns.

Although Hugh says green building benefits residents physically and mentally, the cities of Bryan-College Station may not be fully ready to embrace it just yet.

"My industry is very traditional, it doesn't change easily or quickly. It only changes with market pressure, and our community is pretty conservative which is really ironic because conservative and conservation come from the same root," said Stearns. 

Stearns says there is no easy solution to create a balance between advancing times and maintaining roots in nature. 

"We need a sense of patriotism that goes toward saving not just the country, but the planet. But also just being conservative in terms of how we live. We do not need to over-consume, and so much of what we do has to do with convenience and just not thinking through things, and we can become more mindful consumers".

And that is exactly what Stearns says green building is about; to stop and think about how we live and to live with intention. 


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