PLANTERSVILLE, Texas - If you travel down 105, just 20 miles east of Navasota you'll find a down home mom and pop shop serving up southern comfort food in Texas size portions.

Sandra and Tim Kuta took ownership of Texas Relay Station in 1991 after her father bought the restaurant in 1985, and whether it's their dining room decor or their signature dishes, not much has changed at relay station over the past 3 decades.

"We have carried on tradition from my dad, to me, to my daughters and now to my grandkids," said Owner Sandra Kuta.

Serving up southern comfort favorites like chicken fried chicken, fried catfish and even a scale tipping 85 ounce sirloin steak.

"There's a 96 ounce in Chicago but that is the only other steak known to be bigger than ours," said Sandra.

As with many of their dishes, they start off with a sprinkle of their top-secret signature seasoning. Then from their it's straight to the grill for a 40-minute sizzle.

If you can eat it all it's free, but for those not willing to take the $49.99 bet just as with many of their dishes, there is plenty for sharing.

Their steak has even gained some national attention.

"They contacted us a couple of weeks ago and said we've been doing research and we're doing a show called Giant America and you have the biggest steak in Texas and maybe even the biggest in the world," said Manager Julee Kuta.

Biggest America isn't supposed to air until next year, but the Kutas say even a little bit of fame can't change their original philosophy.

"We want to make sure that each and every time our customers come back they always get that home feeling that they're welcome, and with their food like they are sitting at their own dining room table," said Julee.

It may be the food that brings the customers, but it's the family atmosphere that keeps them coming back time and time again.