BRENHAM, Texas — Every Wednesday morning at Brenham Elementary, you will find some fourth grade boys lined up in front of the school. These boys, dressed up in their finest clothes, are there to open doors and greet people as they walk into the building.

The students are part of a group on campus called the BEST Boys Club.

"There's a lot of things that I didn't learn when I was in fourth grade, but we felt like, 'Hey, there are some things we can teach them and, being fourth graders, help them for when they get older,'" said Steven Siemsgluz, the assistant principal at Brenham Elementary School.

The BEST Boys Club stands for Boys Exhibiting Superior Traits.

"Key traits will take you a long way in life," said Terrance Phillips, the behavioral instructor at Brenham Elementary School. "If you can be polite, if you can be respectful, if you're easy to get a long with, that will take you very far in life."

Meeting every Wednesday in suits and ties, the group goes over social skills, behavior and ways to become better leaders at school. The skills range from learning how shake someone's hand, looking people in the eye when talking and even tying a tie.

"Being respectful in the handshake, holding doors and the 'Look good, feel good, be good' motto," said Jaden Nickerson, a fourth graders.  

"Learning how to use your manners, being respectful and learning the motto, 'Look good, feel good, be good,'" Clayton Lichti, another fourth grader.

Brenham Elementary received donations from the community to help make sure each boy has a suit and tie to wear.


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