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MetroNet powers through the City of Bryan

MetroNet's fiber service will be the company's first dip in the State of Texas.

BRYAN, Texas — On Wednesday, Bryan city officials and MetroNet executives finally got to meet in person.

According to MetroNet, your internet, television and phone options are about to get sweeter with the taste of their fiber.

The company is choosing the city of Bryan to be its first home in the Lone Star State and CEO of MetroNet John Cinelli said there was no question Texas was where they wanted to branch out to, plus he already had some close connections down here.

“Two of my boys live in Dallas and this is a great state,” Cinelli said.

When they looked at the city of Bryan, Cinelli said they were surprised to see it was even available for over-building fiber.

“Because of the look and feel of the community,” Cinelli said, “Then, the reception we got from the mayor and everyone else here in the city was fantastic and we said hey, that’s a place where we want to be.”

According to highspeedinternet.com, there are already 160 internet options in Texas, what makes MetroNet different?

Cinelli said they have the drive to offer everyone high-speed internet, are determined to be immersed with the city and he said their customer service is unmatched.

“If you become our customer, we’re going to take care of you,” Cinelli said.

Chief Information Officer for the city of Bryan Bernie Acer said he is ecstatic about this partnership.

“I’ve told even my wife that this is something for the next 20 years or whatever, as I’m driving around the streets of Bryan College Station and say aye look at that, we did it, we did it.”

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