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Macaroni penguins hoping for forever home at Moody Gardens

Be careful. You may fall in love with this cheesy story about Macaroni penguins!

GALVESTON, Texas — Get ready for a cheesy story fit for animal lovers everywhere. Moody Gardens in Galveston is waiting anxiously to welcome baby Macaroni penguins to hatch and find their forever home at the Aquarium Pyramid.

The six eggs are expected to hatch around Nov. 25, but could come as late as Nov. 28, just in time for Thanksgiving. The eggs were flown inside an insulated cooler from Sea World in San Diego and are currently in an incubator at Moody Gardens. Staff members are watching over the eggs, hoping each one will have a successful hatching.

"As with every egg that is laid either at Moody Gardens, another facility or in the wild, whether it hatches or not is all up to nature and several circumstances," said Assistant Curator, Diane Olsen. "While we do everything in our power to give these eggs the best chance at survival, sometimes no chick is hatched at the end of the process."

Currently, Moody Gardens has 10 Macaroni penguins on exhibit at the Aquarium Pyramid. Four of them were transferred from Sea World San Antonio and the other six came from the Detroit Zoo. It's only fitting that staff has named some of them Brie, Jack and Colby and are considering cheese names for the next six.

"Increasing the number of Macaroni penguins in the Moody Gardens' collection helps to increase our breeding success and genetic diversity in the future," Olsen said. "It also benefits the population of penguins kept at facilities accredited by AZA, like Moody Gardens."

Macaroni penguins are listed as "Threatened" in the wild and their population is decreasing. According to a release from Moody Gardens, they said this drop in numbers is due to climate change and overfishing. Moody Gardens is hoping to help people understand the species better.

Hear more tonight at 6 & 10. Here's hoping for a happy hatching! We'll keep you updated.

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