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Peacocks and Llamas and Dragons. Oh My!

East Atlanta artist creates a new mural from neighborhood mascots

ATLANTA — What do peacocks, dragons, and llamas have in common? It might sound like a riddle but if you lived in neighborhood surrounding Flat Shoals & Glenwood then you’d already know the answer. Each of those animals, real or imaginary, represent an aspect of the history of this tight-knit community. 

Local artist Sydney Adair Compeau was inspired by the requests of her neighbors to add a spot of beauty to the place she has called home for many years. The self-taught artist just started her business, Blue Heron Studio, a year ago. Although she’s never done a project quite like this, Compeau, accepted the challenge.   

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“When you drive through town, you see a lot of places that could use some beautification,” said Compeau, “I thought it would be a great opportunity to be a part of the community that I live in and also make things more beautiful.”

Credit: EAV Electric Box Mural by Sydney Compeau (Close-Up)

The electrical box that sits at the corner of Moreland & McPherson Avenues was recommended to her by residents due to the fact that it serves as an unofficial ‘entrance’ to the neighborhood. While that corner already serves as home to the massive ‘Welcome to East Atlanta’ sign, locals felt that they wanted something more ‘colorful and vibrant’ to represent the neighborhood. Compeau agreed.

Credit: EAV Electric Box Mural by Sydney Compeau (Dragon+Llama)

Once the location was selected, members of the community including boards members of the East Atlanta Strut came together to raise funds for her materials. Compeau stated that the project took roughly two days or so to complete and has received nothing but praise since its completion. 

For more information about Sydney Adair Compeau and her artwork, click on the link to her website


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