NAVASOTA, Texas -- Less than 30 miles south of College Station is Navasota.

A town that many may only know from driving through. But, this week, the spotlight has been on this town as former President George H.W. Bush's funeral train plans on driving through the town on the way to College Station.

"They know they can come into town and they’ll have good views there,” said Navasota City Manager Brad Stafford.

The city, while one of many along the route, has caught the most attention.

"It means a lot to have someone of that stature come through our city," Stafford said.

The 41st President chose to travel by train to his final resting place.

“It is important that we pay our respects to someone who has given a life of service," said Stafford.

And now, after a life of dedication to service, those he served, are serving him.

The City of Navasota is planning on a crowd of people showing up. And are planning accordingly. Roads are closed, schools are being let out early and security measures are being taken.

"They always say the beginning and end date are not important and that it’s the dash in-between and I think his dash in-between said a lot," said Stafford.

Stafford said that President Bush's character and impact had a legacy that traveled far and wide.

"President Bush brought a lot of his great service for his early beginnings to the very end," he said. "He touched so many lives. He touched all of our lives – if you live in this country, he touched your life."

For a list of road closures in Navasota, click here.