CARLOS, Texas—Grimes County authorities are investigating a massive case of animal cruelty.

Close to 300 animals, living in horrible conditions, were discovered by authorities Tuesday after an anonymous tip led investigators to a house off Highway 30 in Carlos.

Investigator Kindale Pittman said it’s the worst case of animal cruelty he’s see in his 20 years working in law enforcement.

“It’s bad, that’s the best I can describe it, it’s really bad,” said Pittman.

After a preliminary investigation, a seizure warrant was issued on Wednesday when the Houston Humane Society with the help of Grimes County authorities came out to confiscate the animals.

Investigators said they found dogs living in horse trailers, in multiple outside buildings, and a mini-van.

Some of those dogs were also living in the house where trash and feces covered the floors.

“Various kennels in the barn, and out-buildings hadn’t been cleaned. They’re just in poor, sad condition,” said Pittman.

Authorities said most of the animals were malnourished and in overall bad shape.

“I would say some of the dogs are missing hair, mange, and on the horses’ hooves- they’re overgrown, almost to the point where they curl up…like I said they’re in really sad condition,” said Pittman.

Investigators also found a dead horse, and numerous carcasses of dogs on the property, along with bones littering the backyard.

According to the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office a total of 242 small dogs and 49 miniature horses were on the property, and all of them were headed to the Houston Humane Society to be vetted and monitored.

Authorities said the investigation will take a few days before they can move forward with taking the case to the district attorney.

The woman living in the house has not yet been arrested or charged.