Rayven Shields was taken from her father’s family and given to her mother, Virginia Adams, just months before the three year old went missing, according to family members on her father’s side.

Police arrested Adams, 35, last Wednesday on a charge of interference with child custody after she lied about her daughter's disappearance. On Friday night, police discovered the body of a child buried in the yard of a Castle Heights home where Adams and Rayven were living.


The Bryan Police Department confirmed to KAGS that they helped facilitate Rayven’s return to Adams in June 2018, after her biological father, Robert Shields, passed away.

Rayven’s aunt, Robert Shield’s sister, continued to care for the girl just after her father’s death.

Bryan Police confirmed that they removed Rayven from her aunt on June 11th 2018. Officers, accompanied by Adams who had been granted custody, retrieved Rayven from her aunt's house and sent her home with Adams.

Family members on Rayven’s father’s side told KAGS they were also the ones who filed complaints with Child Protective Services (CPS), claiming Adams was an unfit mother and that Adam’s house was filled with drugs.

A July CPS visit to Adam’s house is what prompted the investigation into Rayven’s disappearance.

Bryan Police are still working to positively identify the remains they found in Adams' backyard.