COLLEGE STATION, Texas— It was an image hard to forget.

A horse wandered into rising flood waters during the torrential downpours brought in from Tropical Storm Harvey.

People lined up on the bridge of FM 60 and Highway 6 in College Station as the scared animal was stranded in the water while the rain continued to pound the area.

That’s when a few, brave first responders from the College Station Fire Department waded into the almost waist-deep water to get that horse to higher ground.

Meanwhile, another horse had wandered down the freeway entrance ramp and was rescued as she ran back into the flood water.

Now, almost a month later, those two horses still have not been claimed.

They’ve been in the custody of Brazos County since August 27 when they were rescued.

Brazos County Livestock officers have been investigating, trying to find the owners, but all tips have led to dead ends.

“Unfortunately, we have no idea where they came from because they were located in a creek that was rushing at the time and had to be rescued,” said Sgt. Nathan Dennis, Public Information Officer for the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.

“We don’t know how far they may have traveled in that water or when they got loose,” he added.

State policy says the county must hold the horses for at least 18 days, but due to the devastating effects of Harvey and all of the displaced flood victims, county officials have extended that time period to 30 days.

However, if the owners don’t come forward by noon on Tuesday, the horses will go up for auction and will find a new home.

“We’re still trying at this time to hopefully reunite the horses with their rightful owners,” said Dennis.

That’s only a few more days before these resilient horses go to the highest bidder.

If you have information on the whereabouts of the owners, please contact the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.