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Operation Safe Shield accepting donations for bulletproof windows

The organization looks to help first responders

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — A College Station non-profit is looking for your help to protect local law enforcement with new bulletproof technology.

Operation Safe Shield is an organization put together to raise funds to get bullet-resistant windows in all law enforcement vehicles across the Brazos Valley.

"After Chad walker was killed and Tovar was shot through his windshield, we thought it's time to start protecting our officers here in the Brazos Valley," Clifford Dorn, President and CEO of Operation Safe Shield, said.

Chad Walker, a DPS trooper who was killed in the line of duty near Mexia back in March of 2021, was fatally wounded after a bullet went through his windshield.

Dorn is asking for support to get these windows installed as soon as possible.

"Our organization will actually pay the initial $1.5 million, so our hope is to get the citizens of Brazos county, or at least the bravos valley to pitch in some money," Dorn said. "We have 330 thousand people in Brazos county alone, you're only talking about a few dollars per person, we can pay for it."

Normally bullet-proof material is heavy and expensive, so heavy that it weighs down the vehicles. With this new technology, the material is lighter and cheaper. Dorn says they can equip both side windows and the windshield for around $8,500. The bulletproof material is nanotechnology out of a tech defense system. The nanotech won't allow a handgun round into the vehicle but will allow one out of the vehicle.

 "So that has always been an issue that once you're in there, they shot at you, you can't shoot back," Dorn said. "Well with this new technology the game changes. If they shot at an officer with these windows, they better be ready to duck because bullets are gonna come back at them." 

Operation Safe Shield is planning to do a big fundraiser this fall to help get this project off the ground.

 If you'd like to donate to operation safe shield you can head over to their website. They accept credit cards and PayPal.