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United Way of the Brazos Valley hosts seventh Annual Baby Bundle volunteer event

The event was a chance for volunteers and local residents to come together to support new parents.

BRYAN, Brazos County — On Wednesday, volunteers of all ages from all types of organizations were able to assemble over 1,500 baby bundles to deliver to local hospitals. at the United Way of the Brazos Valley's seventh annual Baby Bundle volunteer event.

"This year we were back together for the first time doing it all at one time so we had over 80 volunteers to help us assemble and pack our truck and then we moved them over here to the storage unit for the end of the day to load them up and get them running for our monthly deliveries," explained United Way of the Brazos Valley Executive Director, Peggi Goss.

These are not just any bundles of supplies, as the United Way is ensuring new parents are supported with materials for them and their newborns.

"So inside the baby bundle is a baby's first book, a teether toy, and then one of the great things about it is developmental information so its really important for the parents to have tips for reading to their babies just a little guideline of milestones they can expect to go through," Goss said.

Mothers and other volunteers are also using the event to teach a valuable lesson to their own family members. 

Jacqueline Knoop with the National Charity League explained what sorts of lessons she was taking from the event to teach her own kids.

"Well I think as moms in particular its important to teach your kids that when gods given us a lot we have a lot to give back and so by coming here and showing them the needs in our community and then being able to work with them and hopefully putting those same ideas and morals in their heads," she said. 

An organization that puts family first, is hoping to extend their message of giving to future families.

"What we're hoping is building a new generation of people that give back because there are others out there that need more than them or are just in different kids of need and if they are able and willing that we should be out there making our community a better place," Knoop said.

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