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Brazos Christian student accepted into the U.S. Air Force Academy

The ease at which Harris Powers answered questions and did the interviews earned him the nickname 'Captain America.'

BRYAN, Texas — Harris Powers thought the assembly that was gathered at Brazos Christian was just another school assembly. It was anything but. While Powers said he had an idea something was going on because his parents were acting a little "weird", he didn't know everyone in the building was gathered there just to celebrate his life-long dream.

Congressman Pete Sessions, who serves District 17, was at the school personally to give Powers the big news: he had been accepted into the prestigious U.S. Air Force Academy. Sessions said gathering the student body and showing them all that Powers has accomplished up to this point is crucial to building up young people in a positive way.

"There were kindergarten students and second graders who need to see and hear that the pathway they need to follow to their own dream could include where Harris is now," Sessions said.

The Air Force Academy isn't new to Powers' family. The seed was planted when Powers was just a kid, dreaming of what he wanted to be when he was grown.

Posted by Brazos Christian School on Thursday, January 27, 2022

"It really started with seeing my uncle, who's in the Air Force," Powers said. "Seeing kind of what he got to do and I kind of fell in love with it like that. "

Powers was one of nine applicants who went through a rigorous examination and interview process. According to the chairman of the Service Academy selection committee, Bob Yancy, choosing Powers as the principal nominee was easy.

"The other applicants could not answer those questions. Then in walks who I call Captain America (Harris Powers) and he nailed every question the senator asked," Yancy said.

While Powers admits achieving his dream is special, getting to celebrate it in front of the student body, his family and friends was something he'll never forget.

"It was really overwhelming to see, see that much support that I have," Powers said. "It's really encouraging to me, it just made me really happy to see all those people that I really care about supporting me like that."