BRYAN, Texas —

The Bryan Animal Center, off Finfeather Road, shelters lost and homeless animals until they can be adopted. With an outdoor dog park complete with an obstacle course, the animals get the chance to learn some basic tricks and have some fun.

An Australian shepard/border collie mix is available for adoption at the Bryan Animal Center. She was found during the intense thunderstorms Bryan experienced earlier this week, and was aptly named Raindrop.

At six years old, Raindrop is friendly and calm. Choosing to sit in the grass and receive pets instead of playing with the tennis balls and toys that litter the outdoor dog park. Raindrop does well with other dogs so long as they aren’t too energetic.


According to a Bryan Animal Center worker, because Raindrop is an older dog she can get anxious and overwhelmed when a lot of activity with other animals is going on.

Raindrop is heartworm negative and will receive the rest of her vaccines and be spayed early next week before adoption. The dog adoption fee is $80.

Bryan Animal Center is open Tuesday through Saturday. If you want to learn more about adopting, click here.

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