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Planet K permit disputes

Planet K Gifts in Bryan began to sell its merchandise this afternoon despite not having a proper permit from the City of Bryan.

BRYAN, Texas -- Planet K Gifts began selling merchandise Friday afternoon despite not having a proper permit from the City of Bryan.

The store set up tables and tents in the parking lot. The building does not have power or air conditioning because of a permit dispute.

According to Bryan zoning laws, items that Planet K sells, or plans to sell, falls under "Adult Entertainment," and would only be allowed in "Industrial Zones."

However, founder and owner of Planet K, Michael Kleinman, says the store is not an adult novelty store.

"We are a gift store, or lifestyle store, or hippie store, but we are not an adult novelty store," Kleinman said. "We sell candles, incense, cold drinks, beer, books and tapestries."

Kleinman also added that while he may not agree with the rules Bryan has set in regards to items sold, he and his store will abide by them.

The City of Bryan said that Kleinman applied for a commercial permit, but was denied. They said there was not enough information in the initial application.

Kleinman said the Bryan location will make his 19th store. He added that while some residents may not be welcoming to the idea of the store, many are.

"The majority of people do want us here," he said. "We represent freedom to our customers. Freedom of choice, freedom to choose to but whatever makes them happy."

Planet K is also having to change the murals on the wall due to trademark and copyright disputes with Texas A&M.

Kleinman said they are having to change three different parts of the College Station mural - the Aggie Ring, the "Gig 'Em" hand sign, and the "ATM" on Reveille.

"We never never intended to appropriate or use "their" brand to promote Planet K," he said.

The mural is supposed to be a "love letter" to the community, Kleinman said.

"To document many of the important and unique characteristics of the City of Bryan and College Station and the great state of Texas," he said.

The City of Bryan said they are giving notice to Planet K that in order to sell merchandise in their parking lot, they need a vendor permit.

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