COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Dr. Conrad Earnest, a researcher at Texas A&M is saying just looking up from your phone every few seconds could cause less accidents from playing Pokemon Go.

The popular Pokemon Go app that launched in July has been known to cause accidents. Dr. Earnest states that, people who walk and text usually walk slower, however people who play Pokemon Go and walk tend to run and trip over things.

Some Poke players agree with that statement, however some blame smart phones all together.

"If you are walking by yourself and you are a female and you aren't paying attention to our surroundings, someone could easily follow you or overtake you and you have to worry about that stuff," Taylor Thompson said.

"Even if they aren't on Pokemon Go people are on their phones anyway so I feel like the issue isn't with the game itself but with people not having situational awareness," Elena Peruzzi said.

Dr. Earnest says Pokemon Go leads to a whole new level of problems with distracted walkers.