BRYAN, Texas--- Below are explanations on each of the proposed amendments to the City of Bryan Charter. You can vote 'yes' or 'no' on them on election day.

Election day is November 7, 2017.

Here are the explanations:

Proposition A:

Allows the City of Bryan to regulate construction, building height, maintenance, occupancy, and material used in all buildings and other structures. Conforms with existing city ordinances.

Proposition B:

Allows Bryan City Council to have a regular monthly meeting. But allows for more meetings if called by the mayor. Establishes minimum number of monthly meetings (1) but also allows for more frequent meetings if necessary.

Proposition C:

Clarifies how City Councilmembers can submit items to council meeting agendas. Makes sure agenda items are placed on the agenda according to the “established agenda order.”

Proposition D:

Allows the City Council to annually establish how Council meetings are conducted by allowing the Council to set and/or change certain rules on timing, location, and format.

Proposition E:

Eliminates the mayor’s ability to hold someone in “contempt of City Council.” Currently, like a judge in court, the Bryan mayor can punish a citizen with fines or jail time, holding them in what’s called contempt.

Proposition G:

Makes town Charter confirm to State Laws on nepotism, meaning no person related by marriage or by blood can be appointed to paid positions overseen by the City Council.

Proposition H:

Replaces the term “prestige” with the word “title” in a section of the City Charter, believed to have been written to keep public officials from abusing their authority.

Proposition I:

Deletes wording in the City Charter directed at Councilmembers voting on items brought to the council by campaign donors. Instead, councilmembers would be expected to follow the Texas Fair Campaign Practices Act and Texas Election Code during those votes, rather than a specific section of the City Charter

Proposition J:

Refers to the reading aloud of city ordinances and their passage. Aligns part of city charter with state law, which doesn’t require ordinances to be read more than once aloud, and allows ordinances to be passed on the same day they’re introduced.

Proposition K:

Changes the title of “Chief Finance Officer” to “Chief Financial Officer.”

Proposition L:

Changes the word “light” to the word “electric” in a subsection of the City Charter. The section would read: “The city, at this time owning and operating its water, electric, and sewer systems, shall have the power to own maintain, extend, and construct, and reconstruct its water, electric, and sewer systems, within or outside the city limits.”

Proposition M:

Corrects the spelling of “run-off” to “runoff” to align the City Charter with Texas Election Code.

SOURCE:The City of Bryan,