COLLEGE STATION, Texas - A record 2200 ranchers and cattle enthusiasts herded into College Station this week to attend the Texas A&M Beef and Cattle Short Course.

“This was our 63rd annual and it's an educational program, and it's a short course college type program for ranchers across Texas,” said Event Coordinator Jason Cleere.

Ranking in about $10.5 billion a year the Texas cattle industry ranks number 1 in the lone star state in terms of commodities and with technology constantly advancing event organizers say the courses are instrumental in teaching ranchers how to adapt to changing times.

“We're going to continue to see the advances in technology so that we can produce more beef with less resources. There are less and less land resources and more and more people and we've got to learn how to fee those people so efficiency is becoming important to be able to do that but also the economics,” said Cleere.

The short course is the largest beef and cattle education event in the country and attracts participants from near and far.

Rowdy Furrh works in the feed industry and says the course has helped him learn many different aspects of the industry.

“There's so much that goes into it, just from start to finish so this really helps you figure out how to be well-rounded rancher,” said Furrh.