BRYAN/ COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Local police are investigating calls about a man exposing himself near running trails. At 8am Tuesday, Katherine Watson called 911 after seeing a man exposing himself at John Crompton Park in College Station. Bryan police say they received a similar call less than thirty minutes after that at Park Hudson.

Watson is a distance runner at Texas A&M. She averages 60 miles a week.

"Nothing like this has really happened to me or any of my teammates so it was really shocking," said Watson.

Both Bryan and College Station police agree the time frame for the perpetrator to be the same person is likely too small. Police recommend people stay alert, run with a partner, and carry a cell phone just in case. If anyone sees someone exposing themself, call 911.

"I was really scared yesterday," said Watson. "I didn't want to come home at night but I also don't want to live afraid."

Katherine said she will continue to run, but not a Crompton Park.

Right now, both Bryan and College Station police believe each incident was isolated. If caught, the man or men could be charged with indecent exposure or disorderly conduct.