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Sales increase at meat markets in the Brazos Valley

There has been an increase in people stocking up on meat as a result of the COVID uncertainty, according to a Bryan meat market manager.

BRYAN, Texas — A local meat market predicts when an economic crisis is feared, customers tend to purchase more produce. 

Yet, Laura Mendz, meat manager at Texas Meat Market, explained how she was beginning to see people buying in a frenzy. Customer purchasing during the 2020 pandemic was compared to customers who are currently buying large quantity of toilet paper and meat. 

According to Mendz, many of her customers who were buying more food, expressed concern that the economy was headed in a economic crisis again. 

"People coming in buying 100 pounds of hamburger meat, 80,50,60. They just trying to you know, make sure they stock up and have plenty if it were to be with these high prices of gas or a shortage of meat going on again." said Mendz. 

Mendz stated that meat prices have been on a rollercoaster ride, not only for meat but also for groceries. 

In the words of Mendz, "we are in the midst of a recession, so things are piling up.".

She said that some customers believe a recession is coming, despite the fact that it has not been declared. Mendz stated that this is a difficult choice for them, as they have to choose between the need for gas and the need for meat. The uncertainty of the future is what she described. 

Mendz notes that it is difficult to compete with big stores like HEB that can buy in bulk and offer affordable prices. She emphasized the importance of supporting local mom-and-pop businesses like Texas Meat Market because of this.

"I do ask, please shop. Even if it's just once or month, I understand I can never beat Sam's prices or HEB prices.You can just shop local here and there that would be great for everybody". said Mendz

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