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Santa's Wonderland running smoothly despite large crowds

Officials at the local establishment said they have reinvested millions of dollars back into to park.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Santa's Wonderland is one of the biggest local attractions of the year, but have they been able to handle their largest crowds yet?

Wait times have varied for customers this year at the Christmas-themed park with factors like weather, other events in the area and record attendance.

"It was a challenging 2020 year, so people just want to come out and have fun," Jody Aranda, Safety and Traffic Coordinator for Santa's Wonderland said. "We have not turned anybody away. Everybody has been welcomed into the park."

Officials at Santa's Wonderland say they have reinvested millions of dollars back into to park.

They've added an additional 2,000 parking spaces, cue lanes for traffic and police officers for traffic control.

"Some of the folks that are sitting in line is because they are not aware of where to go to get to the right parking lot," Aranda. "We are working with TX Dot and strategically working with them to put signage up."

If you plan on visiting Santa's Wonderland, make sure you check out the park's attendance forecast on its website so you can check for the peak weekends.

"If you really want to come out, we suggest you check our forecast plan appropriately, know the park's layout a little bit, for the parking as well so you end up in the right parking location, instead of sitting in a line," Aranda said.

Santa's Wonderland said it is also working with TX Dot on its very own exit, hopefully, set to open next year. 

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