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SARC focused on sexual assault intervention and prevention

SARC's educational outreach specialists educate people of all ages about sexual assault prevention.

BRYAN, Texas-- More sexual assault allegations came to light Wednesday morning, this time accusing Today Show anchor Matt Lauer of sexual misconduct.

While people across the nation are still wondering how this could happen, one Brazos Valley organization is working to educate people on sexual assault intervention and prevention.

Three Educational Outreach Specialists at the Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) in Bryan work with children, teenagers, and adults across the region giving people the tools and resources to make good choices.

“We’re giving children information and skills and resources, so they’re able to, as they grown up, make good decisions so that they are not hurting others and they’re making sure that they’re relationships are healthy and happy,” said Jennifer Hunt, one of the Educational Outreach Specialists at SARC.

The specialists travel to schools, workplaces, public health fairs, and other locations in Brazos and surrounding counties.

They teach age-appropriate lessons, talking to groups about not only finding support for sexual assault survivors, but also preventing future cases.

“We want to cement in these kids’ minds that they have the power to change their own culture and set their own rules for the future,” said Esmeralda Casa, another specialist.

The specialists said the lessons are making an impact in the community.

“A boy came up to me and said, ‘you know I didn’t realize the kind of jokes I was making were hurtful towards others,’” said Amanda Gomez, a third specialist.

All three of the specialists also said it takes a community effort to promote change.

“We want the culture to change,” said Hunt.

“To have these young people turn into adults and maintain that culture of ‘I’m going to make other decisions’…rather than go towards some of those unhealthy behaviors,” she added.

SARC also offers other resources including support and counseling for survivors of sexual assault.

For more information on SARC’s resources, click here.