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Don't fall for latest texting scam claiming a $1,200 deposit from the COVID-19 treasury fund

The Brazos County Sheriff's Office put out an alert Friday and asked people to not click on the link in the text message.

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — The Brazos County Sheriff's Office issued a warning to people Friday after a concerned citizen said they received a suspicious text message. The message claims the lucky phone owner has received a direct deposit of $1,200 and all they have to do to confirm is to click the link in the text message.

Don't do it!

The link on the text message sends you to a phony web site, according to the Brazos County Sheriff's Office. While it may be tempting to check it out, BCSO officials said the link is designed to steal your personal information when you click on it.

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The text message actually comes from a cloned phone number, BCSO officials said, making it harder to actually track the criminals down. The phone number won't lead to the actual bad guys and this makes it difficult to actually hold anyone responsible. The BCSO is asking if you get a text message like this, contact them and they'll help you determine if it is real or scam.

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